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proper blanket colors?
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I have a 4 point Hudson Bay blanket, It is off white w. lt. blue stripe. Made it into a very thick and warm capote.
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Book " The Blanket" An Illustrated history of the Hudson's Bay Point Blanket IS.B.N. 1-895892-20-1 SUPER READ.LOTS OF GREAT INFORMATION IN IT.oops cap lock got me.
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In January I was looking for some red wool cloth to finish decorative trimming on a couple snow covers that I was finishing up. I happen to stop by a local charity thrift store to see if they had any in their quilting/cloth remnants/sewing area.

The store manager said she hadn't seen any, but she did have a red wool blanket that I might be interested in seeing. I said sure, all along thinking it is probably a synthetic fabric blanket misidentified as wool.

Well, when the manager came out holding the folded blanket, my jaw jest about bounced off the floor as I recognized the red color and wide black stripes. She said that she thought it was a rather high-end blanket and that she would need to get at least $45 for it.

Yep, it was a HBC 4point blanket with label and I didn't hesitate a second when I said "Sold at $45!"

Estimating by the label color and layout, the blanket is thought to be of 1945-1965 manufacture. It is in very good condition.

No, I'm not going to cut it up for a Capote or use as trimming on a project. It is joining our Earlys of Witney red 4point for use camping and horseback trekking.

Treasures can still be found on occasion at small town thrift stores, so keep looking, they are out there!

Regards, xfox

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