Ginseng Woods
This time of year makes me think of red seeds hanging full on 'seng plants. I only ever found one small patch. 'Course I never have spent a lot of time looking either. I planted a patch of cultivated once and ended up moving so never saw it to maturity. Anyone one else hunt or grow 'seng.

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I don't know what it looks like. I do know that digging it up is highly regulated in the national forests. I've been told that a permit is necessary to be legal about it.

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Been hunting and digging 'seng on and off for a couple decades. It's another reason to get out in the woods, and being a consulting forester, I'm out in them quite a bit. Was just out checking out a new location yesterday, found nothing, but saw some interesting deer sign. Pockets are getting harder to find, the new breed of digger doesn't think of the future, and cleans out each sites, leaving nothing for the future, a real shame.......Gary

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