Beans beans, the magical fruit... ha ha.

I love beans and fixing up a pot of pinto beans as I write this. Not a quick campfire meal but make a great meal at a camp if planning to be there for several days. Many options for cooking. Dutch oven or even in a pit like bean hole beans. All different types, add some kind of meat and onions or garlic, peppers of some type. Tomatoes can be fresh or dried and added. Salt and pepper. Yum!

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I hear ya. Love the canned brown beans in a dutch oven with fresh meat, diced mushrooms, celery, carrots and salt/pepper.
Loved onions and garlic but not anymore due to gut issues.
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I like me some bean-hole beans!


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when I make beans I do it the easy way. I chuck two smoked ham hocks in a big pot of water and dump in a bunch or dry beans an cook the whole mess for about 3 or 4 hours. About an hour into the cooking I take the hocks out and trim them up and put them back into the beans. I don't add anything. If someone want's to add something they can themself after they are done.

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I may have to make us a mess of beans! That with home made sourdough bread. Life doesn't get much better than that!

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