Newbie in central Virginia
I'm a veteran female reenactor in the Richmond, Virginia, area. I've shot a matchlock and a percussion muzzleloader (CS Richmond), but I am just getting into flintlocks with a petite French fusil. Is there anyone in this area who is available to give hands-on instruction or guidance on repro period flintlocks?

Also looking for a suitable range in the area, so I can get comfortable with the gun and get some live firing in before it's back to blanks for Rev War reenacting next year. Thanks in advance!
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Laurel, I moved from Charlottesville some two and a half years ago. There is a great club there with an assortment of ranges that I belonged to. Don't know if it's too far away for you but it's an idea. Welcome to the forum.

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Hello Laurel,

Welcome to the forum. I’m over north of Dallas so I can’t help you with shooting but it sure sounds like you have had some great experiences in many aspects of black powder and reinacting. Hope st hear more from you. This forum is very quiet as if everyone escaped to hole up at the fort and now don’t have internet connections. Lol. Well I love the Muzzleloader magazine. Hopefully people will come back to the forum soon.

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Welcome I am in PA so I am too far to be any help. If you post questions I am sure someone here could answer them or at least point you in the right direction.
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