A Campfire Tale
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Here's one to start:
I once was a LEO at a University in the South. Now this was a good 50 years ago mind you. We patrolled our assigned areas which changed (rotated) each shift. This did include doing walk-through foot patrols of various dorms, etc.

One time on the evening shift I and another officer were riding together; I won't divulge his name so lets just call him "Harold". We had frequent training classes on death investigations, burglary and, a favorite of every officer, drug classes. Understand this. In the drug classes one of the things we all truly enjoyed was the "weed" section. Usually a smoking cube of hashish was passed around for us to familiarize ourselves with the smell of cannabis - like we didn't already know. Funny how long it took the little smoking cube to make it around the class of say, 12 officers. I can verify that it takes a minimum of 2+ minutes of huffing to, Ahem! familiarize ourselves with that pervasive aroma, err smell and we were all thoroughly trained as you might imagine. But I digress.

But on this evening we found ourselves walking through this dorm which was one of four situated in a quadrangle, a popular place for outdoor movies, etc, in the warm seasons. This very roomy court had lots of traffic and sometimes problems. So walking down the halls of the dorm we detected the characteristic bouquet of cannabis. The smell was easily traced to one specific room and the door was, of course, closed.

We decided to knock on the door as we legally couldn't very well barge in without a warrant. A voice from inside asked "who's there"? Both of us being gentlemen we simply announced our names, "It's Harold and Tommy", my partner replied. Lo and behold the door opened for us to come in and that's when we had trouble keeping our chuckles under control. Just the look on that young man's face and his verbal gasp of "Oh Sh&%" was enough to make our night lighthearted and fun. My recall at that point is a bit shaky but I do remember that we relived him of his evidence. It was my opinion that simple possession was not an offense worth giving a student an arrest record. We DID turn in the evidence and I "think" it was a situation that was handled at the UV level. There were other cases that had us transporting both students and non-students to the slammer.

There are many more, some grim, experiences but they are for later.

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Good story Hanshi. Thanks

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Good one.

I also had a long career as an LEO. After I retired I had a series of part time jobs. I was a whitewater raft guide for 12 seasons before I got too old for it, but that is another story.

I was a part time security guard at our local community college for 6 years. I didn't want to deal with people, so by choice I mostly worked alone on the midnight shift.

I walked patrol from one end of a dark and empty campus to the other. There are no dorms at this school, but I went through all the various buildings, checking classrooms, and boiler rooms, and all the little cubby holes that students and most teachers don't even know about. I even did a few impromptu performances on the stage in the drama department. Ah, you should hear me sing "The Barber of Seville" in a dark and empty theater.

Another building was the nursing school. Picture it 2 or 3 in the morning. Everything is quiet and dark. I'm alone on the second floor of the nursing building, my footsteps echoing as I walk down the lonely hallway. I have keys to every lock on campus, but classroom doors were supposed to have been locked by the last teacher to leave the room.

I found an unlocked door. I open the door and step into the room. All is dark and silent. I shine my flashlight around and THERE! There are beds with people lying in them! There is a man sitting on a chair in the corner!

My hair practically raises my hat.
Then I realize they are manikins. Used by the nursing students to practice their lessons.

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The campus I worked at was a very large university that never seemed to sleep.

I remember one night we got a call that a guy was at the school infirmary holding nurses and staff hostage. I got possession of his guns once he was arrested, but eventually had to return them. They were a Ruger .357 BH and a dainty little browning .25 acp pistol.

Turns out he had a brain tumor and after his surgery and convalescence I returned the two guns. This was back in the early 1970s.

I was there when the "streaking" fad started. I also watched the hundreds of...of...nekked boys & girls streak across the stadium bridge and going wherever they were going. It made, I am told, the Guinness Book of Records; this was at UGA.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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Ahh, memories! I was in High School when the streaking fad started....Small rural high school. Nobody was in any doubt as to the identities of the streakers.....Oddly enough almost all of the girl streakers wore makeup......

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