Red Handled Scalper
This one is a William Parker pattern English scalper. Parker was registered as a cutler in Sheffield England in 1761, and supplied some of the scalper type trade knives to the colonies. I made this one with a 7" blade of 01 steel, tapered in both directions from the junction of the stained boxwood grip. The leather wrap is eastern white tail raw hide, secured by raw hide lacing. This is meant to represent a grip repair, or reinforcement. The round indention on the grip is to assist getting a rifle ball started into the rifles muzzle. There is an original example of this in the Madison Grant book. The scabbard is a common center seam type, dyed with vinegaroon, and also having a field repair of deer raw hide. Both items are aged to represent some amount of hard and long use. Hope you enjoy a look.

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Very handsome work.

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I like it a lot.

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That's a pretty cool knife and sheath. Nice work

Sua Sponte
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Very nice,thanks for sharing....

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Sweet, that will hold an edge for long time and will sharpen easy love 01 steel for knives.
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