Wool Covered Canteen
For those of us who carry a canteen on a trek, scout or hunt, I was just wondering if other members cover there canteen with a removable cover, such as wool, so the canteen could be used to warm or boil water for use to make tea and or keeping your feet warm at night!
I have a copper canteen with a wool cover which have the four tabs on the sides for attaching the strap.
I'm having trouble figuring out just how I might put on a removable cover without having to remove the hemp rope strap every time. Any thoughts??
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I just recently put a wool cover on my canteen, but sewed it all the way around...not meant to be removable. I just carry a boiler to heat water with.

Maybe you could perhaps make a real tight fitting cover that slides off and on, and maybe has leather ties which can be undone at one end. Just an idea.

Good luck!
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