Gun flint knapping
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What do you all use for knapping your gun flints and where did you purchase it?
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So far I'm a failure at knapping so I sharpen my flints with a combination tool that Larry Callahan sell. I really should learn to knap.
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I think we all start out not knowing how or what to do.....then when you figure it out or someone shows you, it's so simple its embarrassing. There are 3-4 ways to do it...I can at least share the one I use.

I have the rifle laying on a table in front of me, pointed away from me, and either unloaded or a thick rag draped across the pan and vent so no errant spark can bounce into the open vent if there's powder in the breech.

Standing behind it with the the lock at full cock, I slide the forefinger of my left hand across/underneath the front of the flint and lift up on it gently to take pressure off the full cock notch.

Then using a 1/4"x6" brass rod...(or a screwdriver, or back of a hunting knife, etc)...I gently, lightly tap down on the leading edge of the flint...almost "flat down" on top of the edge. Imagine tapping an egg as firmly as you can but WITHOUT breaking the egg!

All you want to do is peck-peck-peck-peck-peck across the width of the leading edge to cause little flakes to pop off the bottom against your finger...4-5 taps, 10-15 seconds, that all it takes.

The result you're after is that the top won't look any different but the bottom will look like the scalloped side of a a serrated knife blade...like the blades in an electric carving knife.

These are the brass rods I use at home and at the range 99% of the time.

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I'm left handed so I hold my right fore finger under the flint and tap it with a brass flint hammer.

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One of my most frequently used knapping tools came with my flintlock. In fact it is available on most all flintlocks. Its the frizzen. With the hammer all the way down, place the heel of the frizzen on the flint. With the off hand, hold the frizzen on the flint and continue to cock the lock. The pressure from the heel of the frizzen will do the job of the pecking of the flint tool and also ensure that the edge of the flint is parallel to the face of the frizzen.

Works great for my King's musket. This method is quick simple and effective.

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