Illegal aliens
I don't loath much but stink bugs and mile-a-minute vine are two of the top of the list!!!! With soybeans in the field next door we have hundreds on the house, windows ,in my apple trees GRRRR!!!! They are near impossible to kill enmass n literally land directly on ya if yer outside. Southeast Pa is literally infested with them. MofM vine is just plain mean n nasty. Grows so fast you can almost watch it grow. Covers everything n has small hook shaped barbs that shred cloths n skin. Nothing eats it and it even chokes out multiflora Rose! Grrrrrrrrr if anybody has either ya know what I'm talking about. Vine is from Germany n bugs from Japan or Asia proper, two illegal aliens that need be eradicated
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...Then there is kudzu.... the vine that ate the South. It can pull down barns and is a tad aggravating. Also multi-flora roses (insert REALLY bad words here). Those danged things will destroy a fence line. On my farm I had some behind the barn that ate the fence. I took one of my chainsaws and trimmed the barn side of the roses and it thickened to where I had a living fence about 10' high. Still hate the darned things. They propagate two ways... by their berries being carried by birds and by sending out tendrils. GRRRRRRR

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Out here,Blackberries are the big scourge...Doesn't sound like they're anything on your problems though.....Mile-a-minute vine?Never heard of it. surely SOMETHING eats it....

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Boartooth the vine is now found in 12 states in the mid Atlantic and northeastern areas.
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We also have knotweed out hear in the west. Most people call it bamboo but it grows like craze had takes over. It's next to impossible to kill too. There are cases where people have cut it down and burned it only to have it start growing where they burned the stuff. They also dug up all of it before burning it and just one or two roots that get missed, they start growing again.

The black berry vines are the worst though. I've had to cut survey lines through it and before you can get a line through it, the path is 4 to 6 feet wide.

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Exotics have been a problem ever since mankind began moving from one place to another.

Although they are not a problem, the well-known ringnecked pheasant originally comes from Asia. Chukars and Hungarian partridge are from eastern Europe and western Asia.
Among the exotic bird transplants that have become a problem are the English starling, English sparrow, and the common pigeon. After being introduced they very quickly spread over most of North America and have become quite a nuisance in some areas.

Then, there is kudzu, purple loosestrife, dutch elm disease, chestnut blight, the wooly adelgid, gypsy moth, pythons in the Everglades, zebra muscles, etc. etc. Many of our common weeds originally came from Europe. The list goes on and on.

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