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Has anyone else seen the newly released movie about a true story from the French and Indian War called "Alone Yet Never Alone"? It looked really detailed with all the clothes and buildings and guns looking really period accurate. The Indians were done much more accurately than other movies. They were done like the Eastern tribes that they were and not the Hollywood as usual version.
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I bought it and like you said it is the best PC movie That has come out in a lot of yrs. Great locations, guns, knives, war clubs, clothing and the acting was pretty darn good. It is also a true story. I highly recommend this dvd

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I watched it this past Tuesday night after my DVD showed up Tuesday afternoon. I thought it was a very well done movie. Was it ever released through a movie theater prior to the DVD? A hidden gem I'd say.

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I ordered mine yesterday and should be here by end of week looking forward to receiving it.

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Got mine and watched it several times, it was out at select movie theatres the other year, but wasn't that wide spread.
"Alone yet not Alone" took place at Penn's Cave, Pa. Fort LOUDOUN in TN for the fort pictures, some places in Williamsburg for some scenes, and a few other places. I really liked it, some people will pick it apart as that is their nature, true it may not be the most accurate for clothing and such, but how often does a movie like this come out? When was the last one? Patriot, Last of the Mohicans, Allegheny Uprising, few and far between, wish there would be more...
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I put in a suggestion for our local library to purchase it. After watching the trailer again, I'll stand by what I said then, and since I haven't found a used copy, I won't purchase it, even though this movie may be the best thing since: (insert your favorite movie title here). Won't repeat what I said the other week to keep from being accused of tearing it apart, etc. I sure don't want to be a part of another "mutton" discussion. hehe

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A fri nd of mine has traced her family line back to the characters in that story. Many involved in it were reenactors and many discussions were had over authenticity, religion, regions to film in etc to keep it as authentic as possible and not just another Hollyweird creation, the family was pleased with the final cut.
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