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revenant men
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I finally go to see The Revenant The Revenant. I ended up having to wait for it to come out on DVD and ordered it the day it was released and just got around to watching it. I was also impressed with the accoutrements all carried and laughed at "GLASS" shooting a pistol at least twice without reloading while on horseback getting away from the ambush on their base camp.

Still, Hollyweird did an ok job on the movie and the natural light filming certainly added to the overall drama. Lots of variation from the TV movie of the 70s or whenever it was (Man in the Wilderness) starring Richard Harris and the Book. "Based on..." is always a good CYA insertion the credits.

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yeah I thought it was a great movie! Hollywood did their usual mess ups but it was still a great show!
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Sure am glad I went and see it before all the critical evaluations were done on the "movie"
Another thing,,none of those men that were shot really died....
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Just got back after going to the rendezvous at Pinedale Wyo.
While showing our antique guns , The Revenant and Hugh Glass were talked and asked about a lot.

What bothered me the most was that some folks who saw the movie were thinking that what was shown actually happened or was close to what happened.
I spent a lot of time explaining that the movie was mostly fiction.

Another reason I do not like the movie is that it is very dark.
Unlike the movies "Jeremiah Johnson" and "The Mountain Men", The Revenant , might turn people away from this time period instead of drawing them in like first two movies mentioned.
I get that those two movies are also very historically inaccurate but they are "fun" and when folks talk about them they mostly mention the excellent lines or funny parts of those movies

Most everyone I talked to about The Revenant mentioned how dark and frightening it was or that the trappers were bad and went out of their way to harm the Indians.
So I stand by my earlier statement in my first post on this : it is a beautifully filmed bad movie.

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I actually like Man in the Wilderness version, with Richard Harris.

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I finally saw it on cable TV last night.
Frankly, it was a disappointment for me due exactly to the reasons that Andy stated in his post above. It is not a movie that I would care to see again.

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There was a letter to the editor in a recent issue of Muzzleloader, in which the writer expressed concern about the firemaking scene, where Leo (Glass) sprinkled powder right out of his flask on the flames. I had not thought of this, but he suggested there are enough people out there who might be just ignorant enough to try that. He's probably right. When I saw the movie, I just figured Glass was using the last of his powder. It never even occurred to me that anybody would try that with a full flask.

I think it was Albert Einstein who said something to the effect of "The difference between genius and ignorance is that genius has its limits."

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Historically accurate or not, my family loved the movie. It helped them understand why I have such a fascination with this time period. It shows what it took to survive,and why I have always said these men were some of the toughest that have ever walked on the earth. With the trash that comes out as movies now a days, I love any that is in this time period. Fiction or not, it is better than most at the big screen now a days. It took me a while to watch the remake of True Grit. John Wayne was always one of my heroes as a kid growing up. It seemed blasphemous to redo such a great movie. But I have to say, I liked it. Not enough of these types of movies being made today!
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