The Mother Lode of Blankets
Hiya Fellas!

Last week, just before Turkey Day, I went to check out an Earlys of Witney 4 point blanket that I found for sale online here in the Bitterroot.

Well, it turns out that the lady that was selling the blanket had lost her husband (85yrs old) last May. They had been major rendezvous participants for 45 year. They had quit going 15 years ago, but hung on to a lot of their gear.

I acquired a pair of well used braintan Lakota style leggings, 2 buffalo horn bowls, 3 horn spoons, a hand loomed long wool sash, and 5 wool blankets.

Two of the blankets are Earlys with labels, one of these is a 4 point white with red multi stripes Williamsburg Reconstruction Fund blanket. The other Earlys is scarlet with black stripes 4 point.

Then there is a Hudson Bay 4 pointer with label in red with black stripes.

The other two don't have labels, but are of the same weave, loft and weight of the Earlys. Both are multi colored stripes; one has 4 stripes, the other 3 stripes. The 4 striper is a six pointer; both white and all in very good condition.

Lets' just say that Christmas came EARLY this year!

Regards, xfox

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Jealous, jealous, jealous.....Sigh.

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