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I’m not wanting to start an argument about “buying American”—I get it. I’m just wondering if anyone has purchased and used any of the “regimental” coats, etc. from Sialkot, India. I’m personally thinking about a jacket and vest for wear with my kilt—which wouldn’t be made in the US anyway. Anyone with experience? Thanks.

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several of the members of the 1st NJ Loyalists just got their coats from India. So far no complaints, but they haven't had them outside yet...,


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When I learned about the hobby groups based around muzzleloaders, learning to make things became my favorite part of it. Often it was due to lack of funds to purchase all I needed. Seeing some of my own gear was fun to learn and not expensive for the most part. Start with getting a nice old good quality machine. Mine is a Sewmore made in Japan and purchased at a garage sale. Then I had it cleaned. The sewing machine tech said it was well made with all machines steel gears inside. I started with making some pot holders out of scraps, then little muslin ditty bags. Finally I met a guy that taught himself to sew and he makes period correct clothing with hand sewn stitching. He showed me how simple shirts were to make. So I made shirts. Then I got patterns for vests and pants and made several of each. It was a valuable learning experience.

Once I wanted a coat and the pattern seemed beyond my grasp so I asked a widow lady from church to help me. She wouldn’t let me pay her much but it was fun to work on this with her and I felt we both got a lot of enjoyment in spending time together. I tried to be a sponge and learn all that I could from her but also as helpful as I could and I did odd jobs around her house to help her as she was helping me.

Well, this idea of making it ourself or getting someone local to make it for you sure brings the hobby home and keeps the money here for yourself or someone local that can really benefit from it.

Hope this helps.


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