Mosquito Netting
Any suggestions as to what was used for mosquito netting?

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Nothing was used. Eeker

1851 Dr. Charles Johnson hypothesized that Malaria had nothing to do with "bad air" (mal aria).

1880 Dr. Charles Laveran found that malaria is from a microscopic parasite.

1887 Dr. Patrick Manson found that mosquitos could transmit a roundworm to humans. This then was followed by Dr. Albert King suggesting that malaria too was from mosquitos. Manson then worked on that idea, and then Sir Ronald Ross in 1897 found malaria in the stomach of a mosquito, winning the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1902.

So during the "flintlock era"...from the beginning of colonies here in North America in the late 16th century through to the 1850's, nobody had any idea that mosquito bites were disease vectors, just that they were annoying.

Which explains why in 1881 the French could not dig the Panama canal, because of the very high death rate from Yellow Fever, and not knowing that the mosquitos were the reason. The United States started in 1904, after the mosquito discovery along with chemicals to deal with the little buggers, and had massive efforts during construction to drain areas around the canal, and a heavy use of DDT to destroy the mosquitos....and the canal opened in 1914. Wink

I haven't been bitten in years (knock on wood), but my diet is also rich in apple cider vinegar, and B vitamins, and either are used by people to ward off the pesky little monsters..., in my case I double-up the "preventatives" by default. So I'd suggest you take a table spoon or two of cider vinegar a day (which is good too for blood sugar levels) and you do some B vitamins, especially B12 (which are good for fat burning too).


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LD, I decided to try the Apple cider vineager, two tablespoons each morning. I have over active kidneys and over sensitive bladder. By Friday nite/Saturday morning I was up every hour to urinate, with irresistable urgency. I was nearing dehydration. The acv was the only thing new, so yesterday I did not drink the stuff at all. Last night I slept 4 hours without interruption and slept deeply. So I shall need to seek a new solution, because the mosquitos and no see-ums love me.

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