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Just wondering on how to pin the brim of a hat? What materials would be used to do this for 1800 period?
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One way would be a stitch or two of thread through brim and hat crown. I have a 'snap brim' hat with a cockade on the upturned side. A couple of stitches attach the cockade to the brim to the crown. I've also seen folks at rendezvous use the quill of a turkey feather to pin brim to crown - but that obviously makes for bigger holes in the felt than thread.

P.S. go to Facebook, search on 'Geo. Franks, Hatter' and you'll find dozens of photos of hats. Many of the Rev War period hats show braid or ribbon going through the brim or around the edge of the brim, apparently to hold the brim up. Couldn't find a clear picture showing what the ribbon/braid was attached to, but could be something simple like a button sewn on the crown. Such an arrangement could allow the brim to be worn turned up or down flat. Even though the Revolution is a few years earlier than your 1800 date, and hat styles changed some, they probably didn't make radical changes in how they held up a hat brim.

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That's it, just a couple thread stitches.
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A lot of tri corns were laced. If you need to lower the brim it is just a matter of untieing the lace.
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I think it depends on what you are trying to do.

My rifle/hunting hat is pinned up on the left side, and has a slightly cut down brim. It is only pinned up for military use, as it's done that way so when I shoulder the rifle, it doesn't knock off the hat.

The almost flat cock of a military "tricorn" is flatter than a civilian hat, and worn with the forward "point" over the left eye for the same reason, so one does not knock it off when performing the manual of arms - very unprofessional to lose the one's hat, eh? A civilian hat, is much more "triangular" when cocked.

Most folks use something like a shoelace to cock up the sides of a hat..., as it doesn't stress the felt as much as the much thinner sewing thread might. A very fancy hat might never been intended to be modified from its cocked position, and some folks add a layer of real shellac to maintain stiffness.

Now my rifle hat is pinned up with a long, brass pin..., which I use to close the top of my matchcoat around my shoulders when I don the matchcoat in cold/wet weather. This allows me to keep track of the pin. When hunting I let the side of the hat down, but I put the pin back in the crown of the hat. The pin is about the thickness of a thin knitting needle.

Some folks simply use a button, and while that leaves a button hole opening in the brim of the hat, it's not a real problem and very easy to raise or lower the side of the hat when needed. IF you choose to use a button, be sure to reenforce the inside of the location where the button is sewn with a piece of leather, as the button will get a lot of stress.


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Sounds good. It is something never seen kind of hat. I just imagined it well and thought of pinning brim of a hat.

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Someone here alway knows or someone asks. That's what I enjoy about the FIRE. I was going to ask about tacking up a round hat and here it was. I'm not a PC/HC guy but ,well I guess it is slowly creeping in. I like the turkey feather idea.Easy to drop the brim if need be.

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Here's some interesting info on cocked hats by one of the better hat manufacturers.


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