Fleece vests n coats
I know sheep were shorn for the wool n to make a few coin. But anybody have any info on sheep hides with fleece on being used for cold weather wear? Like vests or coats etc. I cobbled a crude sheep skin vest years back n its super warm, oil up the skin side n it turns rain n mist as well. Never read of it being used in colonial or mountain man times.
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never seen any representations of one, but one might easily imagine folks using the occasional (what was it someone called sheep.... field maggots hehe) sheep skin with fleece for a vest or at least a lining to a coat or maybe cobbled together as a spare blanket or maybe a ground cover (if anyone had such an extravagant possession as a spare blanket or a fleece ground cover).

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I think it was one of those things that was so common that no one bothered to mention.It was certainly never the height of fashion.

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