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Depends on which "originals" you are talking about. In, say, the 1770's and earlier, the barrels were usually noticeably tapered and flared, with rather more flare at the breech than is available today (I REALLY wish barrelmakers would make bigger, more flared breeches!!!!!)
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The range was 284 yds. After Daryl plank and I decided to call it a draw because he was out of patches. We both shot one more time. I hit the gong and Daryl missed. However he was at a disadvantage because he was using two.010 patches borrowed from Crocket in place of his usual .020 patch. We all know that when you change your load combo things are different. Daryl Plank and capchee are two of the best and most consistent shots in this part of the country. Mike-- my grandson has become more interested in girls than guns. I'm sure he will get back to shooting after he gets settled down. I got him a left handed flinter. I'm working on a super Jaeger now. I will post a small sample of the barrel engraving probably next week. This gun will be worth at least $100,000.00. It is a two man project. We might bring it to the CLA show in 2014. One of my clients might bring that double to the show this year. If he does I will go.
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Well thanks for the kind words jerry and im sorry i got the yardage wrong . Big diffrence between 250 and 284, hands down some good off hand shooting.
i thought you told me you were not going to build anymore of those very high end guns after all the work on that SXS lol
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Jerry, That's the nature of things. But tell your grandson that I still remember him. Shoot sharp, Mike
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