Best chisels for metal work?
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Like most, I grown more comfortable (mostly) cutting into stocks with wood chisels, but now am interested in working on the brass (patchbox, inlays, etc). I've been searching the web for hand tools to do this type of work and not finding much information. I want my next build to be as much done by hand as possible(meaning, no dremmel). What are best tools for this work and where might I locate them? Your insights are more than appreciated.

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The only chisel you would need is a vee engraving chisel to decorate the brass. Brass sheet is the common material and the shape is cut with a jeweler's saw which you can find at TOW or Brownell's. The saw cuts are smoothed with a file. There is not usually any sculpting done on the brass; the sheet is used as it comes from the supplier. When you see shaped brass it is usually a cast piece and the shaping is done on the pattern which is a softer material.

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There are gravers you can buy for this purpose. The how-to build a flintlock book I followed showed the profile for one and you can get them at jewelry supply shops. The come in V U and square bottom.
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Track of the Wolf sells engraving supplies. Your local home improvement center sells brass sheet in the form of a door kick plate. Just make sure you get the solid brass one and not the plated one. You can use it for practice plates and also build parts from it.
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