Moving the rear sight
Anybody here with "aging eyes" had the rear sight on your rifle moved? Mine is just fuzz now when I aim. I think I need mine moved up to about where the entry thimble is on the stock. I guess I will need a filler to cover up the old dove tail. I would appreciate a picture if anybody has one.
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Sometimes nothing can help aging eyes. However, I suggest that you knock out the rear sight from its dove tail, set it on top of the gun barrel and move it forward and backward while sighting until you find the best location for it where you can see it more clearly. Mark that spot and cut a new dove tail for it there.

The old dove tail is easily filled with some soft metal. You could try to match the barrel or you could put in a contrasting color, such as brass, a silver "Lady Liberty" from a dime, or Old Abe Lincoln's head from a copper penny.

I'm sure you are aware, though, that only the front sight should be in full, sharp focus while aiming. Both the rear sight and the target should appear slightly out of focus. You cannot focus on all three at once - not possible.

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I also like my rear sights down the barrel a little ways. It's always fuzzy but that is irrelevant. As long as I can see reasonable daylight on both sides of the front blade, I can shoot just fine. And true, the front sight needs to be in sharp focus with the rear being blurry. No matter what some may claim it is impossible to focus at two different distances at one time.

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Yeah gettin old aint for the weak. I can't focus the rear sight even if I'm trying to focus just on it alone. I can't focus on anything that close anymore. Just setting the rear sight on the barrel is a good idea. I'll try that. I was thinking about brass to fill the old dovetail.
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Exactly what I used on 2 rifles I put the rears sight forward on.

Then I got a smooth bore without a rear one can see the front fine!
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As long as your not shooting in some type of "ruled" competitive events, you could always go with a peep sight mounted on the tang of your barrel.

I have done this on a couple of my longrifles and it made a big difference for both target and hunting.
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The old dove tail is easily filled with some soft metal.

I filled in the rear sight notch on a Traditions flintlock by simply ordering a simple, steel rear sight, and removing the sight portion from the base, then inserting the base. Finally I used a fine file, and removed all of the sight on either side of the dovetail that protruded beyond the dovetail, matching the flats of the barrel as I went. The owner wanted the barrel left in-the-white to naturally age, and voila, no more dovetail slot.

On another barrel that the home builder had tried to install a very long rear sight base, we filled the slot with a piece of brass cut from a number "4" brass, house number, bought from the local hardware store. A little filing to make it fit flush, and the new owner of the barrel engraved his name in the brass and built it into a rifle. He did, however, find that the brass was a bit of a problem due to light reflection, until it dulled.

In both of the above scenarios, the barrels were then fitted with peep sights for older shooters.


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Try filling in with deer antler.
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