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Winter Projects?
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I've been getting in the shop more lately than I expected, making some progress. Got the last work on the patchbox done, getting the release and springs and all in is always stressful to me. Lots of rain forecast for the next week, have cut out and hope to install the silver cheek inlay, a couple silver hearts and a brass comb inlay in that span. Don't think I'll get this one done this season, although I hope to have everyting from the lock panels back done before it gets hot for summer, then maybe pick on some engraving over the hot months in the AC in the house.

Working on a horn to go with it at the same time. Not much left on that. Two piece turned antler tip, beehive base, but I've hollowed out the base, capped it off inside separate from the powder in the horn and put a brass knob on the base that unscrews - I'll be able to carry a couple dozen .350 balls in the base of the horn that way. One less thing to carry for the squirrel rig!
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Eric, that rifle is a keeper, You don't want it just send it to me; I'll gladly pay the shipping.

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Sounds to me like that horn is a keeper too.

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