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Does anyone know where we can get a .70 bore reamer, preferably to rent? My son is in his 3rd year of his associates degree gunsmithing program and wants to build a matching pair of colonial period smooth bore flintlock pistols and needs a reamer to make the barrels.

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Do they finish at .70? If so you would need to ream at .695 and burnish to .70

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Are you talking about taking an already drilled piece of steel and reaming it to the desired caliber, or talking a piece of steel and turning it into a barrel?

(I wonder why a school offering an associate's degree in gunsmithing would not have a machine to ream a bore, then burnish it?)

Brownell's has different reamers and since you are talking about a pistol barrel, if you already have a piece of drilled stock, they should have the tools to finish enlarging the barrel and then burnishing it.

I doubt you will find folks who would "rent" a reamer suited for an entire barrel length, and if you are talking doing a barrel from scratch..., that's even more involved. The tools are rather precision pieces, and a renting of such would put an expensive item in jeopardy as they have no idea of the knowledge and skill of the renter. Again if you already have a drilled piece of steel and simply want to expand it, you might be able to use something from Brownell's like a shotgun barrel reamer, since it's a pistol barrel. Still probably talking about more than $100 for the tool with shipping.


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