How Do I Post a Video?
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Videos are only enabled in the Gallery forums. The available formats are: avi, mp3, mp4, mpg, mov, rm, and wmv. File size limit is 40,000 Kb.

There are two methods of uploading a video: the video button in the topic posting window, and the "Add Attachment?" link below the message block in the same window.

The topic posting window (or reply window) is the window that opens when you create a new topic or when you reply to a current topic.

The video link button in the "Post A Topic" window is located in the green bar [above the message window, 2nd button from the right]. It only works for a video that's been uploaded to a website, like YouTube. On YouTube there is a link, currently found on the lower right of the screen, where you can get the "embed" code for the video you are viewing. Copy and paste this code between the little code snippets that are inserted in your message when you click the green button. When you post your message, the video will be uploaded and display as a link in your post.

To add a video that is saved on your own computer, use the "Add Attachment?" link below the message box. I tried it using a video from my iPhone, which is a .mov format file. It was really large and took a while to upload. I don't have a program to adjust the size of the file, but I would suggest that you do that before uploading. The file size limit is 40,000 Kb, which should equal about 2 minutes, but that is variable.

Depending on your connection, it may take a couple of minutes for the file to upload. So be very patient. If you get an error, try again. Any interruption in the connection (even one that is imperceptible to you) can cause an error in transmission of the file. With a fast cable connection, it took several minutes for a file to upload, and I got an error twice and had to start over.

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