Short Spring
Little late getting the report on here, but had a great turkey season this spring. Over five days of hunting to start the season in April there were four shots and three birds down.

Only one of my two was with the flintlock, my 16ga, here at home. I had been watching a bunch of longbeards all spring, so on the morning I got to hunt here of course it seemed like it was all jakes. At fly down I had three of them come to my decoys along the field edge. Was waiting on the big boys, which I could hear in the woods with hens, so I let the jakes hang out. Eventually the Toms faded away into the woods, gobbling as they went, but those jakes stayed from 5-15 yards in front of me for TWO FULL HOURS!! Gobbled, strutted and spit drummed the whole time. One of them worked my hen decoy in circles so many times the wing nut holding her on the stake backed off and she finally fell on the ground. Didn't stop the randy jake though, he still wanted some. Well, a fella can only take so much, so the best of the three jakes was suddenly in danger. Smiler Twelve yard shot, 90g FF pushing 2 oz #4 lead shot through a cylinder bore, dead bird on the ground. Fun morning, and one of the best turkey displays of action I've seen.

My other bird was with a modern shotgun, nice Tom, at a new place in a different County. Missed one with that modern gun at a special permit hunt - 10 yards, super full choke, glasses fogged up, facemask slipped up, etc. I looked like a rookie. And I called in a good Tom for a buddy here at home, his first bird ever. Short spring season, but a lot of fun and I got done before it got hot and the skeeters got bad!
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Congrats on a great sounding season Big Grin

Nothing beats the feel of a handmade southern iron mounted flintlock on a crisp frosty morning
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Heh,lots of fun had by all.....

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Congrats! Sounds like a great hunt!

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Unable to get out, myself; so it's fun and encouraging to hear stories of other's success.

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