Getting ready
I had not been across the street to my local deer blind all summer. Part of the reason of that is all the poison ivy that I have to go through over there. That, plus the heat of summer.
Yesterday, I went. Storms and floodwaters from the creek had made quite a mess of my trail. Downed limbs, debris, and mud made it an obstacle course.
I worked for a couple of hours, clearing out the trail again, and reached my ground blind. I still have to build up the height of my brush blind again, and chop out all the new growth that has encroached on my shooting lanes. Plenty of time for that yet.
Plenty of deer sign there. Looking good. Smiler
I'll put a trail cam there later when I finish the clearing out.

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Aye, that time of year! I seem to stay behind in hunting season prep. As you said, between a couple of tropical storms and hurricanes, there is much debris on trails and roads to be cleared out.

However, I enjoy the year round process of hunting seasons, then property management with controlled burns, road/trail clearing and erosion control. Tree stand/blind maintenance and construction and then food plot and logging trail plowing, planting and fertilizing.

Lots of fun all year round! Cool


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