Deer Gun Seasons
The major two week firearms season is starting in Maryland this Saturday, I imagine most states are either open or about to be. Not much else as fun as shooting a nice one in the modern season with a flintlock and getting all the strange looks from the other hunters. Big Grin Good luck to everyone!
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Well, I've been having fun, but no game bagged. I've been out deer hunting for 12 days, so far. I have seen nothing except tracks.

I've divided my time between sitting in my local blind near home, and also roaming around back in the mountains. Nothing but tracks, and frozen hog wallows that show no recent use.
Yeah, its been cold!

Meanwhile, my trail camera has captured pictures of several does and also three different bucks; a 7 pt.(he only has one brow tine), an 8 pt. and what appears to be a good 10 pt. (he is pictured at the edge of my camera's range, and not fully clear) All in the middle of the night.

Here in my section the deer season continues into January, so I will continue to be "out there".
But not today. ():~)


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I have been out since our firearms season opened on 11/17 with my .58 Browning Mountain Rifle. I have seen seen 5 does, 2 bucks, and one unknown but all out of my comfort range.(over 70 yards) I will keep at it until the end of the seasons (12/31. I did get one doe on my own property with my .357SM Contender, but I would like to get one or two more to fill my freezer for the upcoming year. Venison is the only red meat we eat. I just wish the weather would be more cooperative. It has been relatively mild (40's), but the winds have been blowing 25-30 MPH and the fallen leaves are dry. It's like walking on corn flakes. Things should improve as the season progresses.
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