Ohio Muzzleloader Season.
Ohio's muzzleloader season just ended. Anyone score? The first two days were brutal weather and I didn't see a deer. Then Monday was warmer and I saw small doe which I passed on. Later saw a 8 point buck which I harvested with my .54 cal. Ozark Mountain Arms Hawken rifle.
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It was a very poor season for me. I didn't get out much. I only saw a few does and I let them all pass.
Got a picture of a good buck on my trail cam, but I never actually saw him.

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I saw nothing, nada, zilch so it was a really rotten season for me, too.

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Same here in Pa. Nothing but other hunters were seen during bear season. Will have to hunt for a different spot for next year. During our flintlock season all I saw were younger does that I passed on.
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Same here in Maine,,cold, wet weather and few deer sighted,,but time in the woods made it all worth it..
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