Pyramid tent blind
I have been hunting the same woods for about 20 years. It is the edge of a mountain laurel swamp about 20 years. Most people here use tree stands, last year someone put up what looks like a pyramid tent right where I always set up. It is an ugly thing and probably puts the deer off. I didn't see 1 deer last year. At the very least I see a couple of does but last year"0". The only thing different was that blind, have to do something about that.
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I don't go up in the trees anymore, either. My bones are too brittle now. I know of two guys who fell from their tree stands. One broke his neck and is dead. The other also broke his neck and is now a paraplegic.

I pile up brush to make a ground blind. Several years ago someone set up a homemade, wooden ladder stand directly over my brush blind. I knocked it down and left them a note! Never did see who put it up.
Last Christmas my wife gave me one of those tent-like blinds. I may or may not try it this year. Might be nice to sit in there when it rains.

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Is it public land that allows the stand to be unnatural and left behind?

I found a "permanent" stand..., it was a ladder stand with four legs added, weighed bout 200 lbs by my estimate. It was resting on the ground, so the owner likely thought it came under "temporary" but I found it when it wasn't hunting season for anything. Called DNR.... it was removed.

I too prefer ground blinds that are natural. I like a couple trees that are a V at their base and use them to break up my outline.

I found when I used to hunt a defunct vinyard... that although there are lots of posts present to hold the wires for the vines that never grew..., the deer do notice when one of the posts is a lot fatter than the rest. Eeker


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