Neighbor's cows
Well, the neighbor's cows is over here again, at least two of 'em is.

That ain't a complaint, I like 'em.

Seems like ever year about this time, we get us a coupla visitors from over 'cross the way. You know, 'bout tha time when grass gits short.

We got us a pretty good arrangement, the neighbors an' me. Ever' now an' then their cows'll git out, and we'll feed 'em over here fer a few days. Don't hurt nothin'.

Tell ya the truth, there's a spot'a fence that's down between the neighbors an' me, been that way fer years. We all like it - I can slip over there'n hunt in the holler, and their cows can come over an' visit occasionally. Heck, I throw corn out for 'em sometimes.

A year or two back we kept one of their bulls over here for most of the winter. They only got worried about him after a while, when they was afraid he might get too wild, bein' over here by hisself and all.

I don't know why anybody would want a bull like that one anyway, big head and skinny butt and all. We liked him just fine over here though. Ol' Rufus (we called him Rufus) would slip right up under the front porch and chew grass - I don't know if you ever sat on yer porch and sipped coffee while'a listenin' to a bull chew grass before, but it's kinda peaceful, sorta relaxin'.

As a critter-liker, I'm glad to see them over here. I'll give 'em a week or so, then let the neighbors know where they are. I'm pretty sure they already know anyway though. They also know I like havin' 'em over here, 'least when I ain't runnin' none'a my own, which is most of the time. Pretty much always, to tell you the truth. Just ain't got the time these days.

The cows like it over here. It's peaceful, and there ain't a lot of competition for the food. When ol' Rufus was over here, I actually watched him several times when I could hear the neighbor comin' down the driveway (that's through the woods) on his four-wheeler. Ol' Rufus would be munchin' on grass, and he'd just sort of ease off into the woods. He'd stay hid until the neighbor left. Big Grin The neighbor and I laughed about that a number of times.

It's great to have such good neighbors, and to live in a place where such as this can go on. Life is good.
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Critters of all kinds are great to have around and watch. I'm wary of bulls however since I have been chased out of pastures by bulls a couple of times.
I have a cousin who lives surrounded by Amish neighbors in western Pennsylvania. Every now and then one to six of the Amish horses show up in my cousin's pasture. Like you, they don't mind and enjoy watching them.
I had a big ol' horse myself once. He learned that he could lean on a wooden fence post, crack it, and push the fence down. I would usually find him in a neighbor's yard.

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Can't beat it. Pastureland across from my front porch. Cows'n'horses. A family of coyotes singin' to us occasionally. Look-away across yonder to ol' Gaither risin' twixt me and you, Spot. Ahhhh . . . ain't we got it good in these ol' hills?


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well now I'm sorta ashamed a you country boys, didn't granma or gramps ever teach you that critters ALWAYS think the grass tastes better on the other side of the fence SHEESH
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Free Trapper
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nice story Spot. Smiler

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Yep, gotta agree with Sticks, nothing beats being sung to sleep by a family of coyotes.

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John Adams
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I get cattle on my place from the ranch north of me quite often. The coyotes sing every night here & make my dogs bark. Don't think I could live in town!
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Not many cattle around my little suburban lot - but I could sure do without the herd of deer that feed on my trees, plants, and bushes each night! Although I do like to watch them in my neighbor's yard :-)

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