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Watching the 1939 version of "The Stagecoach" with the Duke. Noticed he carried a lever action with that great big lever like used later on in the TV show The Rifleman. Guess that style lever is older then I figured. Course I never looked into it. Just sorta kool to notice
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uh, me thinks that big lever is a hollywood invention.

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I think you're right about Hollywood inventing that big opening lever. I think the Duke used it or one like it in his Rooster Cogburn movies too.

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Hiya fellas!

Starting in the 1870's Winchester Repeating Arms would fit large loop levers on special order rifles for folks that hunted in the winter wearing gloves or mittens. While not especially popular elsewhere this option was seen mostly in Canada, Maine, Wisconsin, Minnesota areas. A good gunsmith could forge and fit a shop made large loop lever, too.

This lever was never intended to be used in the fancy twirling fashion shown in the movies & TV. Also, the rifle Conners used to fire shots rapidly had a screw fitted in the lever to trip the trigger. This screw was removed when the scene called for him to lever a single cartridge with or without firing. The one the Duke used just looked good!

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