Raquel Welch
Saw her on the tube today. At 75 she is still an awesome knockout. It may have cost a pretty penny to hold it All together but man the ol broad is Still a Hottie. WOOF. Probably still get away wearing the 10million bc fur bikini.
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Free Trapper
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Gosh Birdman, haven't had the pleasure to see her in resent times. But back in the day, she was one of my dressing room locker pin up sugar snaps that made many a bad day brighter! Hard to believe how old our place in the world is getting!
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Heh,and then there's Sophia Loren....

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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Picture of Hanshi
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I remember them both fondly in movies I really liked a lot. Welch in "One Million BC" was a favorite. Then Rock Hudson and Sophia Loren in "Come September" also staring one of my favorites, Bobby Darin.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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