Thar ah wuz..........
in an early evening after dinner snoozing nap, when I was abruptly shaken from my slumber by a loud Whoosh, pop pop pop, kaboom! Followed by dozens of loud bangs, pops and more whooshes!

Fifty-five years earlier I would have rolled to the ground, weapon in hand, seeking tactical shelter and targets of opportunity in a heart beat. Luckily this time it was only the distant neighbors down the road setting off a few early 4th of July celebration fireworks.......still, it sure made my heart jump!

After composing myself I ventured out to check on the horses, who were taking the noise in stride and continued to munch on the sparse grass in their turnout area. My Karelian bear dog was a little nervous, so we quietly sat next to each other 'til the banging sounds were nothing more than a fading memory.

Don't get me wrong, I celebrate the 4th every year by remembrance of what our founding fathers were trying to accomplish for future generations of Americans and am proud of our country for what it is, a Free Nation. And I am proud of and thankful for the many men and women that have served in our military throughout the past 246 years to protect our Nation and Constitution.

Have a safe, happy, and respectful 4th of July!

Regards, xfox

The forest is a wilderness only to those that fear it, silent only to those that hear nothing. The forest is a friend to those that dwell within its' nature and it is filled with the sounds of life to those that listen.
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I haven't done the fireworks thing since I was a kid and don't do it now. They scare my doggies and bother me, for one thing. But to each his own I guess.

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Well howdy;
I haven't been around these parts for some time. Thought I'd stop in for a spell.
Anyway, long ago I was a navigator on a US Navy destroyer cruising up and down the Vietnam coast. Our gunfire support missions were numerous to say the least. Cannon fire all day and all night sometimes. We were offshore at the Battle of Hue, in 1968, giving gunfire support to our Marines. We shot so much that we wore out the rifling in our 5" gun barrels and had to go back to Subic Bay in the Philippines to get new ones.
Came home and for many years afterwards I didn't go to any fireworks displays. I got over it, though. It don't bother me now.

Know what you believe in. Fight for your beliefs. Never compromise away your rights.
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