Gittin Yur Wish er Nawt !!!
I guess it's an age thang , member when ya wast jus a youngin ,....an ya whist u wast older cause ya coudnt do this an that an all th othr stuff tha ya thoght ya wanted ta do ? .....an mawh ya find yurself to be as old as ya thought ya needed ta be .....an ya still cant do th thangs , but fer difrent reasons ? One day, sted of jumpin outa th sack ya jus kinda crawls.....an ya notices tha a a knee aches , an th back is a bit stif an it aches as well , an wha yur lukin at ia nawt clesr ,...an th spectacles help ta clear it a lil ,.....an ya starts ta askin why ya said summa thm wishes !

I guess its an age thang.....an this Ol Goat ist ther , ..an wshin mebbee he wast nawt so far ther ! Sum nawt so nice thangs have happend along th way . Th werst by far was tha Missus Rupe hadta leave me . Our "Maker" called he home afta bein wih me fer jus short of 25 wonderful years . It will b 6 1/2 years next week tha she left....an tha aches worse thn all th othr aches tagethr , sum say tha tyme heals ths ache , but have nawt found tha ta be true !

'Cause a bein alone , but with th two dawgs , an th aches of th age this Goat hadta part with th log home tha th Missus an me bbuilt an movta closer ta th town inta a small place tha sur don feel like home . In December before Christmas , Mac th lil Beegle dawg left me afta 16 1/2 years . Me an th Setter , Niki , miss tha rascal ! Mac wast th subject of many a Tale in th past .

'Cause of th aches an th eyes , th walkin th woods an shootin th flintlocks hast become jus th memry ....did I wish fer tha ?? So , a caushun fer th younger ones , .....be a bit careful with yur whisin ......wishes can come true !!! At least Ol Goats kin still pull up a log an sits next ta th Fire with othr Ol Goats an th memrys ! Thanaks fefr tha !!

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Well,you're welcome at this fire as long as I can squack just as loud as th' others.We appreciate the wisdom you've gained,even if it did come with pain.....

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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