Wild pigs
Pigs have been slowly encroaching onto our property over many years now. They have been a problem in Alabama for some time. I will shoot one at every available opportunity. I have shot/killed 5 over the summer.

Wild pigs are good eating 'IF' you take the time and effort to process them correctly.

I trapped 11 over the last few months but this does not seem to slow the population explosion down much.

In the past, we had permission to Trap pigs in west Georgia which is only a few miles away from my Alabama property. We trapped HUNDREDs of pigs and still did not slow them down.

Pigs are becoming a horrible nuisance and an economical nightmare considering damage from their foraging and other needs.

They have damaged many orchard trees on my property. They damage woods, roads, trails, drainage ditches and waterways and create environments for erosion.

They are negatively influencing Deer, Turkey & Quail populations as well as other species.

Hunt and kill all the pigs that you can find!


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I have been told that Russian boars were first introduced to the Smokie Mountains by a hunting club back in the 1890's. Of course they bred with domestic hogs that were loose in the woods and so we come to the wild pig problem of today.

I think there has been a serious decline in wild turkey numbers over the last few years. I put the cause on the proliferation of coyotes and wild hogs raiding the nests for eggs, and also killing the birds themselves.

The pigs also certainly do a lot of damage by rooting up the ground that eventually causes much erosion.

The pigs here are mostly up in the mountains, but I'm sure they do a lot of crop damage in farmland.

There is no night hunting allowed in TN, except maybe for private land owners protecting their property. (I'm not sure about that) These mountain pigs certainly are elusive. Mostly nocturnal, even though their eyesight may not be the greatest, there is nothing wrong with their sense of hearing and smell.
On public land here in TN pigs can only be taken during the big game hunting seasons. However, they can be taken all year around on private property.

And Ohhh Yes! They are good eatin'.

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Yes, pigs are a major pest in Georgia and do great damage. And the feral domestic pigs revert back to their wild ancestors as each new generation is born - and they reproduce like mice/rabbits. Some hunters don't want to believe it but a 400 pound pig is still a "porker" and not a wild hog. Razorbacks are lean, long snouted, hairy critters and just don't get piggy-fat like the domestics gone recently to feral. As a kid (teen) I came upon a dead boar, dark brown and very hairy already with big tusks in that long, tapered snout. I managed to pull a tusk out that had to be 3". At one time I lived near them but never hunted hogs although a friend did.

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