A gentle breeze sighs through the trees and whistles softly around the tattered remains of the old camp. Somewhere off in the distance, in the dark of night, a lonely whippoorwill calls again and again for its lost mate. It's call, unanswered, echoes among the empty hills.

Well boys, I'm recovering from a gut shot. It felt like I took a load of buckshot in my belly. My gall bladder was removed last week. I'm feeling better now, but I still can't put any strain on my stomach muscles, so no heavy lifting for a while yet.
I told the doc that I wanted to catch some 50 pound catfish. He told me to stick to 6 ounce bluegills for now.
But, I expect to be up and running again by the time hunting season comes around.

Be well

Know what you believe in. Fight for your beliefs. Never compromise away your rights.
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Glad you're feeling better. Just take it slow.

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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Just do what the doc says and you'll be dragging deer in no time.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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