Just About Lost Hope
That Spring would ever get started! Been kinda cool & damp here in the Bitterroot. Looking forward to some warm weather.

How are the rest you holding up? Hear there is major flooding in Oklahoma plus tornadoes everywhere. That would sure put a damper on having fun and getting things done.

Regards, xfox

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Here in Maine spring has been coming in very grudgingly, with lots of below normal temps and rain, rain and more rain. Today is gorgeous but but just an anomaly.

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Southeast Tennessee here. 30 miles from Chattanooga, "The Scenic City".
We had a very, very wet spring. More than a foot above normal rainfall for us. Rivers ran high. There was some flooding.
Then, a week or ten days ago it suddenly dried up. No rain for over a week now, and blazing, humid HOT.
My vegetable garden is doing poorly. A friend reports that half his tomato garden was a swamp, and now is a desert.
I've been fishing and have been happily messing with smallish bass and some good size panfish.
Another friend caught a 75 pound flathead catfish below Watts Bar Dam on the Tennessee River.
There may be some rain coming our way near the end of next week.

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Here in central Alberta we finally have warm weather. Makes me feel good, lol. However those folks in NW Alberta (my old stomping grounds) are having a time of it with the wildfires. I guess I should be hoping for rain!
Shot my first ever event last Sunday, had a blast and am quite looking forward to the next.
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Here in the Pocono Mts. we are way above average rainfall. We've been under tornado warnings a few times. For a while it was raining so much I wondered if somebody shipped me to Seattle.
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