Beer For My Horses
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Well, I don't own any horses....so cheers everyone and hope the winter isn't gettin' the best of ya!
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Cheers Cranbrook, so far so good. Too busy to let the winter blues set in, but also too busy to do any shooting! I did order up a used .54 Renegade through the mail, so a new gun drives the blues away anyhow, doesn't it??
Ended up taking a transfer in December, sold the house and relocated to Central Alberta, right at the edge of the mountains in fact, in the heart of the old fur trade activity. Looking forward to some museum visits this summer.
Take care
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Good fun.

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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And whiskey for my friends!

I've got horses 'n' cuz of thet, I can't afford beer!!

Winters aint as long in these southern latitudes. not like the 8-9 month long ones we endured fer so long in the Great Frozen Northland. Temps here in the Bitterroot have been in the minus range a few times and we do have about 15 inches of snow on the ground.

Seems my days are plenty busy feeding the cats, feeding the dogs, feeding the horses, feeding the woodstove......ya get the idea?

Regards, xfox

The forest is a wilderness only to those that fear it, silent only to those that hear nothing. The forest is a friend to those that dwell within its' nature and it is filled with the sounds of life to those that listen.
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Cheers to all!!
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