Good people
Got dressed n went out front to dig out an area for the dogs to use. Got done n went I'm to warm up n recoup a bit. Since the cancer my stamina is about zero. Got a glass of water n looked out the window n there's five people shoveling out my walk n another on a tractor with a bucket cleaning my drive way. They cleared n nice path to the door which I can now open, it had a drift all the way up to the window. Didn't recognize them at first but they are neighbors from down the street. Mom,Dad all the grown kids just helping out folks in the neighborhood. Had a big ol beef bone I gave for their Boxer. They wouldn't take anything but a deep felt Thank You. Hahaha angels in boots. Yup there still are some good folks out there.
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Ya,they still exist...

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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Great to hear positive stories! A blessing on your neighbors.
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Good folks are everywhere but never get any press. You have very nice neighbors!
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