A Rich Man's Sport
This is not a Tall Tale but I don't know where else to put it.

I frequent a couple of general hunting forums. While they both do have a muzzleloading section, they are mainly modern.

Frankly, I have gotten quite disgusted with it all. So, this is going to be a rant!

From the sounds of all the talk on these forums you can't go hunting now days without the latest super magnum whiz-bang rifle zeroed in for those 500 or 600 yard shots. You have to wear the latest camouflaged moisture wicking artificial wool clothing and space-age boots. Your hunting knife better cost $200 or more or you just ain't a part of the "in-crowd".
While you wait up in a tree on your expensive climbing stand, or saddle (whatever that is) for that big buck to appear, you can entertain yourself with your electronic games or text your buddy to see if he has seen anything.
When you do succeed in knocking over a buck somewhere in that high fenced compound, or on your very expensive private lease, over bait, regardless of whether it is a spike or has 24 points on each antler, and regardless of whether the proprietors pushed the deer out in front of you; you simply must plaster a ton of pictures about your great adventure all over the various social medias.

Ahhh! Enough.

I sure wish there was still a place like old Kan-tuck-ee to go to.

Know what you believe in. Fight for your beliefs. Never compromise away your rights.
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When I'm lucky enough to get drawn for a deer or elk tag here in Az. I usually wear old army camo and a Rem mod 700lh in 30-06. I walk all over the place looking for whatever animal I'm hunting. Don't have fancy stuff. Next time I'm drawn I'll probably take my .54 cal TC Hawken. I don't hunt from vehicles and don't like tree stands. We used to call it still hunting back east when I lived there. Modern hunting has turned into an equipment sport, not much sport left.

Yours in shooting
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Me too. Blue jeans and army surplus. Also a LH Rem.700 .30-06. (However, for over 25 years now it has almost exclusively been a muzzleloader)
For big game when I lived in AZ I went up around Payson and Young, northeast of Phoenix/Scottsdale. Also took a real nice Coues Deer on Mt. Graham near Safford.
Hunted javelina down Nogales way and
Sierra Vista but never was able to get one.
There around Yuma it was only waterfowl, Gambels quail, doves, rabbits, and coyotes. One time, though, I did track a small herd of cloven hoofed animals across the Yuma desert south of the "foothills". I think they probably were pronghorn, but the tracks went on into Mexico and I didn't follow them there. I never saw the animals. So, for all I know they might have been goats.

Well this big game season here in Tennessee has been a bust. I only saw one doe and I let her pass. The deer season continues until just after the New Year, but I'm done now. I gave it my best effort.
Now its small game and coyotes until the end of February. March I'll start fishing. April is spring turkey.

Had my most recent cancer checkup last Thursday. No sign of the cancer!!! Yea!


Know what you believe in. Fight for your beliefs. Never compromise away your rights.
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Let's keep those checkups free and clear from now on, Rancocas.

And what you've heard is true; a round ball will not kill an adult deer period! Big Grin
So since I love the pretty deer and don't want to kill one I always hunt them with a prb. But for some reason they always have a heart attack when they hear the gun's report. Hmmm...go figure.

Actually I haven't hunted in at least 5 years, might just hang my spurs up. But I won't stop shooting! But for several years I did wear camo a lot simply because a friend and my sister gave my the pants and jacket for my birthday. But in Georgia I'm usually down to just pants and t-short by noon. I haven't "climbed" in a long time and my wife would kill me if I tried. In fact when I have a dream about deer hunting & climbing my wife has ordered me to wake up and apoligize on the spot. And I've never hunted with anything other than a prb since I started back in the 1960s.

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