TURN; Story of AWI Spies
Hiya fellas,

Have any of you been watching TURN on the AMC channel? Seems to be well presented and acted.

Regards, xfox

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Yes I have it set up on the DVD didn't watch last nights yet, have enjoyed it so far.

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Sorry, but aside from the attention to details that could use a bit of help (the lead character slashes his scalp with a knife as a "cover"..then is eating dinner with Major Hewlitt and no stitches) is the way the story trashes John Graves Simcoe.

They could've come up with fictional character instead of trashing the name of a man whose war record in America was honorable, and who went on to govern the Upper Canadian territories, and established:
trial by jury,
English common law as the law of the land,
freehold land tenure,
and he abolished slavery 14 years prior to the rest of the United Kingdom, and decades prior to the United States...

Doesn't seem like a scoundrel, does he?


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Depends on which side of the border your sympathies lay, L D. His trespasses on American soil combined with his enthusiasm for making war and promoting atrocities against American civilians make him a villain in my opinion regardless of what he may have done in Canada. I guess I may value my enemies so highly that I never, ever let them go.
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