It's Early !
Yeah so DST Daylight Savings Time messes with me a bit since I've gotten a bit older..., and messes with me longer, so..., I decided to try and adapt quicker. I got up yesterday at 03:30 EST, which is an hour before when I get up on a weekday (my shift starts at 06:00) I did that because yesterday's 03:30 is today's 04:30 under Eastern Daylight Time. Tomorrow I will again get up at 04:30 EDT, although it's my bi-weekly "day off"..., in hopes that when back to work Tuesday...the time change won't be so rough.

Anyway..., my body is telling me, "Dude it's bloody early!". Eeker Wink


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Been there; done that, LD. Mostly I worked evening and night shift which burned me OUT.

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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I retired,twice,took care of the entire transition.My clocks are atomic so they reset themselves.
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Can't hunt turkeys until mid April and don't go back to my state mosquito control job until late April, so I just get up when the sun starts coming through the window in the morning. What's a clock? Big Grin
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