Rondyvooer Gone
Last Thursday, Feb 6th, Joel Waldo headed for the Great Rondyvoo in the Sky. Joel hadn't attended a 'voo in 5 or so years due to developing als and dementia.

Howsomever, on a good day he could recall shinning times and buckskinner friends from the 40 plus years of attending events throughout the western states. He was known from Californy to Colorado, New Mexico to Montana. His favorite place to visit was Pinedale, Wy and it's museum.

Joel turned 74 in December 2019, and like a lot of us here at the Campfire, still exuded a youngsters fondness for our chosen lifestyle.

Here's to you , Joel, may yor powder always be dry, your flint sharp, 'n' yor aim true!

Regards, xfox

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Sorry for your loss, I am headed to 76 myself and I wonder how much longer this sport or way of life will survive.
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Always sad with the lose of one of our own in this hobby/lifestyle... You do meet the finest folks that ever graced God's green earth. I figure there's a stump waiting for all of us to sit down on and enjoy a good cup of coffee with our family and friends in camp when we get there in the hereafter.

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