the geese were flying!
Well sort of...
Got up at the before crack of dawn drove to the goose pit to meet the group and set up the decoys for the day.
Forcast called for a high wind warning at 8:00 am well we were setting up @ 6:30 in high wind but thought it was managable. My father and I signed onto a pit lease for the season. We do get a fair amount of days to hunt, but this happened to be our day and we did not want to miss an opportunity.

Got the dekes out and settled into the pit.

About 8:00 rolled around and BAM the geese were flying.

THE DECOYS took off in the wind.
The first one lifted off the ground and started tumbling..
Then another... and another...

We did not put the whole spread out today but at least 36 decoys were airborn. Now mind you these are not standard size decoys. we are talking about super magnums 36" in length!
The flock could be seen tumbling east across the field of growing winter wheat.

Well, I took off after them, thinking I could catch up. Big Grin

Yeah right. As I ran, I accumulated mud on my boots (if you have ever been in a winter wheat field that just had 3" of snow on it 3 days before and has been melting into the dirt you know the problem)

After 20 steps, I was three inches taller and 30 lbs heavier.

After 40 steps I was 15 inches taller and mired so that I was not running any longer. (ok maybe a slight exageration Roll Eyes)

Long story short... I collected decoys as I went hoping that the barb wire fence 1/2 mile away would stop those that still had momemntum.

Thankfully we were able to retreive all but one. The last one lifted about 20 feet into the air and took off like a jet.

If you are east of Colorado, keep an eye out. That decoy will be flying by soon!

well, we ended the day with no shooting, BUT LOTS of geese in the air and lots of action.

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Haw! Haw! Haw! I'll be watchin' the sky.

Sounds like you were running across gumbo.


As long as there's Limb Bacon a man'll eat! (But mebbe not his wife...)
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