Axe killed bear
Picture of NWTF Longhunter
Never underestimate the effectiveness of a good hatchet or hawk. This skull is of a very large black bear that was found some years back in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It appears the bear was given a good blow to the skull with a hatchet or hawk about the size of the one in the picture. I'd sure like to know the whole story, wouldn't you?

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OK, you have me. It was me. I was deer hunting and kinda sliding thru the woods and surprised this bear. He surprised me too!

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No way of knowing if the blow was struck while the bear was alive or dead.
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Look around the area, if the blow was done while the bear was alive there should be some fouled fruit of the looms laying around some where. Eeker
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Thats mighty close. Yes,I would like to know the story. I like the hawk in the pic.

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That is extra cool.
There are lots of neat items to find and adventures to experience in the woods. Mostly small ones but once in a while something special. I would rate this one in the special category. BUT we have to enjoy them all big or small. That is what makes scouting in the woods so much fun.

If a right handed guy was facing a bear. That is about where the blow would land.

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