This is not an ad or a solicitation to buy, just a tip on an inexpensive piece of camp cooking gear...

Hey folks, I know they don't have the best rep for quality tools...sort of hit and miss...but Harbor Freight is offering a 12" diameter x 5" deep, 6-quart Dutch Oven for a good price. It has no brand name markings anywhere, and the inside of the lid is smooth, (some of the ones on the market today have those "self basting" points on the inside of the lid), so you can invert the lid and it doubles as a skillet. Reviews of it are good.


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Thanks,LD.Normally I don't shop with them,but this looks to be worth a stop.

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I buy a metric boatload of various stuff from HF,knowing full well what they sell. the quality of their cast Iron cookware has improved a lot recently. If you buy from them try to do it in store not on line because you can test the lid(s) for fit as a poorly fitted lid is an abomination and will never cook well, just select one that does not rattle on the pot. A lid can be fitted by application of lots of elbow grease and copious amounts of coarse water base valve grinding compound between the sealing surface of the lid and body of the Dutch oven. You will know when a light application of cooking grease applied all around the contact surface will allow you to pick the entire oven off the ground by the lid handle only. A nearly fitted lid an be made to fit in short order; a poorly fitted one in only a few hours of hard work.

I have two well fitted ovens from HF, both bought in store and finish fitted at home. Both work perfectly.

Another lil' tip: use lump Charcoal, not briquettes. You won't believe the difference

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Where can I get lump charcoal?

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