Women's Rendezvous events
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Any suggestions for rendezvous events for women (besides a women's agg for shooting, knife and hawk)? For example, I recall one club doing a frying pan toss. A friend is trying to put together a wider women's program for the fall 'vous. Thanks.

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Petticoat run?
You mentioned frying pan toss already...
Flint & steel fire making,
Water hauling relay...,

OR you could stage an event for the women to watch as their husbands go through a timed obstacle course, wearing a petticoat, doing "women's chores". Should be a hoot for the women.

The Great Chore Race
From the starting point, the man in a petticoat runs 30 yards to a milking stool, and a cut-out of the back end of a cow. He must sit on the stool, and then he may pick up a bucket of milk (water) and then runs 20 yards to the "cabin". At the cabin he puts down the milk, and must toss three cast iron frying pans at an Indian target 10 feet away. [extra points for hitting the Indian target] After he tosses the three pans, ...., The cut-out front of the cabin is painted so it looks like the Indians have set fire to the cabin, so the man (still dressed in his petticoat) must save the "child" so grabs a large stuffed doll which is the "child" (containing a bag with 25 lbs. of birdshot). Then the man races 20 yards to the "well", puts down the child and grabs an empty bucket, fills it with water, and races back with the bucket to put out the fire. He runs back to the cabin with the bucket of water, and dumps it on the "fire" which is a very large bucket on the ground. He repeats this until that bucket overflows, which ends the time. (The large bucket should hold two full loads from the "fire bucket", and the trick is for the man to move quick but not to spill, and so need only two trips, but if he does spill some water he may need a third or even a forth trip.)


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Lol,that sounds like a lot of fun...Many years ago I went to a local Highland Games where they had a Haggis Toss for women;the idea was to toss a bundle that weighed a couple'a pounds to their partner (usually a guy) several yards away.theoretically this was to reenact tossing your husband/boyfriend their lunch across a brook that didn't have a bridge handy.Great fun....My wife ended up throwing over her shoulder behind her and almost hit another woman who was waiting her turn,hilarious!

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