Winter work and more rambling...
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Well, it's coming winter and my club has had it's last shoot of the year. Still, I can get to the range, but it's no fun (at least for old me) shooting when the temp is below about 50 degrees.

Time for me to think about projects and finally get off my bench the two orders for things that folks said they weren't in any hurry for. I have a nice piece of buffalo that is going to be a shooting bag for mrs mountainranger and have two fint tool wallets and one more ball bag to get made by the first of the year. Have one other thing to get done by Christmas.

Like a fool, I turned down a whole leaf size bag of scraps of about 4 oz leather that was soft and looked like buckskin, but was cow. This was from my friend who is the furniture builder. At the time, I just didn't have any place to put them till I could get into the bag and see what was there. Fool, Fool, Fool!!! If he ever gets another order for another leather couch, I will make darned sure that I don't turn scraps down. The last bunch of scrap I got from him was some splits and I made some leather pants, a wescot and belt bags... lots of bags. I posted them on here a while back.

Hopefully, the chief's grade smooth bore will be finished shortly after the new year. Reminds me, I need to get John to mic the muzzle so I'll know exactly what mold to get

Well, it's supposed to be getting cold here up on the plateau, so I'm going to drag out the rest of my stoup and will make some cornbread... with creamed corn in it! Yum, yum.

Keep your noses to the wind and for those who are lurking, have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Sua Sponte
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Sounds like you have some projects to keep you busy! Be sure to post some pics.

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Right now I am in the midst of hunting season. Hunting always has priority with me. However, I also have a list of things to do this winter.

I want to make a new shot bag for my fowler, a new and larger range box, a worm box for growing my own fish bait next year, custom paint the gas tank on my Harley, and some other things.
I do some landscape paintings and have just begun the largest painting that I have ever attempted. It is a still life of hunting and fishing equipment, 40" x 48", that I will give to my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas.
I also want to get back into the writing mode. I have not had anything published in a couple of years. Tomorrow, I am to speak at a writing workshop about getting published in magazines. I haven't quite finished my presentation yet, so that is what I will be doing today.
So, I had better get off this forum and get to work! Smiler

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Lurk,lurk.....Blessings to you,also....

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Hunting season has been completed...on to the trapping season....Gary

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