Well picked what I'm guessing will be the last plum tomato's today. But with the warm weather forecasted maybe a few of the green ones still on the vine just may ripen. Hahaha beginning of Nov n still picking, who would think. Still have to seriously prue back the thornless black berries n raspberries n put the blue berries to bed for the winter. Sometimes feel a bit sorry folks back when missed out on the delicious dinners tomato's could have brought them, sure glad we have them today. Dwarf apple trees I planted a couple years back actually set a few fruit. Hoping next year will bring on a real crop. The old apple trees on the property really out did themselves, had several neighbors ask if they could pick n use some, I of course said yes but warned them the deer might not be happy with them doing it. Big ol oak down the yard set a good amount of acorns n deer been hammering them as well. Days n Seasons like this year sure make all the work n effort worth it. It's great to still be kicking even with all the aches, pains n problems. Sun came up n warmed my face through the window n I got to open my eyes to another beautiful day, life is worth fighting for.
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Life is good,and you are blessed to be able to appreciate it....

Beer is proof that God loves us,and wants us to be happy-B. Franklin
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