Been away for a while
Well I am coming back to my first love, Blackpowder! I really don't care if I kill another deer in my life. Center fire just ain't gittin it! Can't smell that SMELL! I am in the process of finding another shootin iron. Ready to burn some coal. scratch
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Hiya Scratch! Welcome back to the 'fire. I've alus known thet them suppository guns wer jest a lazy mans fad!

Flints & Caps forever!!

Regards, xfox

The forest is a wilderness only to those that fear it, silent only to those that hear nothing. The forest is a friend to those that dwell within its' nature and it is filled with the sounds of life to those that listen.
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Welcome back to the gospel ole scratch. All sins are forgiven so go and sin no more. Big Grin

*Young guys should hang out with old guys; old guys know stuff.*
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Welcome from the Rocky Mountains.

"I don't know where we're goin', but there's no sense bein' late." Quigley
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