New guy from Arkansas
Hello everyone, I found your forums while searching for information on smooth bore flint locks.

I have developed a terrible craving for a LH .62 smooth bore to use with shot for squirrel,rabbits and turkey and also be able to deer hunt with a PRB.

I currently hunt small game with a CVA .36 squirrel rifle, Deer with a LH Lyman .50 GPR or my old T/C .45 Hawken.

I've read your fine forums for several hours and it's obvious there is a wealth of knowledge among the posters here and I hope I can gain a bit of Smoothie learning myself.

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Welcome to the campfire, SmokeEater2. Anything you ever wanted to know about smoothbores, you can learn here. Mine is a .62 TVM flint smoothie.

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Welcome, SmokeEater2, I'm from the central part of the great state of Arkansas. I too own a TVM rifle not a smoothbore. But I am sold on TVM they work very well with their customers and they aren't to far from NC Ar. they are in Corinth, Ms. Good luck on the purchase.

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