Greeting from southern Indiana
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Hello greetings and salutations. New to smoke poles not firearms 22 years military and 13 law enforcement. Love to hunt, camp and shoot. Been reloading for 35 years. I am a hobby leather worker self taught. Anxious to get my first non in line muzzleloader. All advice would be greatly appreciated percussion flint etc. I am particular to short barrel rifles.

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Welcome to the fire, great to see new members as its been a little quiet lately. I'm very confident you will fully enjoy this new adventure called traditional muzzleloading. I know I have the bug!
Take care
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Welcome to the campfire, Walking Bear 1954. There are plenty of knowledgeable BP guys around the fire that are happy to answer your questions. This is a good place to start down the traditional muzzleloader path.

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Welcome to the fire Walking Bear and Rupe! Nice folks here, so grab some coffee and enjoy the brotherhood.

Sua Sponte
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Welcome to the fire ! Nothing like hunting with a good Flintlock!
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Howdy Walking Bear;

I put in close to 30 years in law enforcement. I was a pistol and shotgun instructor. I think I was 5 years old when Dad let me shoot a .32 revolver for the first time. Been a hunter since I was 10. I tried hunting with a bow and arrows for several years and finally decided that it wasn't for me. Borrowed an original 1861 Springfield rifled musket and killed a buck with it. That was 30 some years ago, and since then I hunt almost exclusively with traditional muzzleloaders. Even built a few myself.

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There are a good bunch of guys here. Ask questions and you should get some good answers.

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